Decision Management Made Simple

Janua delivers a structured framework for improved organisational decision making.

"How you make a decision is as important as the decision itself."
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Janua helps organizations make better decisions faster, and gives leaders visibility of all decisions.

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Is decision making hold you back?

Poor decision making is a problem hidden in plain sight for many organizations. Does your organisation suffer from:

Janua shines a light on organisational decisions

  • A structured framework for decision making
  • Visible decision workflow throughout the organisation
  • Clearly defined roles, timelines and authority
  • Consistency and reduced decision-making bias
  • Empowers individuals and teams
  • Speeds up decision making

Using Janua Decision Flow

  • Confidence to make decisions knowing you have the analysis and team engagement to support it
  • Dashboard of decision status and record of all decision data
  • Decisions that stick, made in less time
  • Key Decision Register
  • Cultural shift driven by a workflow that's embedded into daily routine
  • Easily refinable decision analysis for when situations change

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Janua is available as a free 14-day trial, no credit card required.

The free trial includes a 5-user license. Invite your colleagues so the team can experience the positive impact of structured decision making together.

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