Good decision making drives great outcomes

Decision making goes to the heart of successful organizations.
Making great decisions improves the chance of success - making poor decisions will see organizations falter.
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A problem hidden in plain sight

Poor decision making is a problem hidden in plain sight for many organizations. Typical organizational decision making  can suffer from:


Janua shines a light on organizational decisions by:

  • Providing a structured framework for decision making
  • Clarifying authority for individual decision makers within the organization
  • Tracking decision flow through the organization
  • Ensuring accountability and auditability of key business decisions
  • Providing visibility, learnings and insights to the decision making process
  • Integrating with Jira using the Janua Jira App (optional)


Using Janua to drive decision making:

  • Everyone in the organization understands their role in decision making
  • Internal politics, apathy and confusion are eliminated from decision making
  • Management gets end-to-end visibility of current and historical decisions
  • Decision are made more quickly and on a more informed basis
  • Accountability and transparency is assured
  • Existing Jira users can add Janua's Jira decision making app (optional)

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