Cyber Security

Recent cyber attacks and data leaks highlight the criticality of effective decision making and the necessity for an up-to-date, interactive log of decisions that organisations can quickly learn and adapt from. While there has been considerable research into why poor decision making is so prevalent in cyber security there are not many resources offered that can help address this issue. 

Better decision making processes can have a significant impact on an organisation’s cyber security enabling more informed investments and ensuring that they are selecting the most effective solutions to address their specific risks and needs. 

Utilising Janua’s decision-making training and processes can help organisations improve their overall cyber security posture by increasing risk awareness, improving resources allocation, facilitating better collaboration, implementing best practices and driving decision outcomes with transparency. 

Cyber security is a constantly evolving field and decision making challenges are inherent in the management of cybersecurity risks.

Some of these most significant challenges include:

Where do you track and manage all your decisions related to these key challenges?  How do you know your teams are on top of making the best decisions with key considerations covered and necessary stakeholders engaged? And should you fail to mitigate a threat, where is your log of decisions and considerations for a fast and comprehensive review to enable quick adaptation and updates to your approach? 

Utilising a superior decision making process will significantly improve an enterprises’ position to mitigate the impacts of future cyber attacks and with speedier determination, help stay one step ahead.

Armed also with the best information and considerations by leveraging AI in the decision making process means that there is a faster road to protection.

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