Cloud Migration

While cloud has been the centerpiece of successful corporate strategies and changing the way things are done, why is it that so many companies are struggling to fully harness the power of cloud and create the wealth it promised? Why is the cloud migration and application transformation taking so much longer than planned? And cost so much more?

The answer lies not in the technology itself but in the effectiveness of the plethora of decisions that enable the cloud investment to be realized.

Cloud democratizes IT by enabling greater participation from more stakeholders in how the strategy can be delivered. However this means more parties participate in decision making and consultation and this in itself adds to the complexity of delivery efficiency.

Stakeholders and their decisions:

Any innovation, customer focus and cost reduction that cloud offers is dependent on the quality of the decisions made and how optimally the decisions were reached.

How do we know that these decisions are being made the right way with the right stakeholders being engaged and the correct factors being considered? And where can we easily review this collection of decisions and their related interdependencies?

There is the notion that humans are rational decision makers perfectly assessing options and determining the business course of action in line with corporate objectives. In reality, choices are made based on risk, uncertainty, lack of information, inherent biases, incomplete information about alternatives, complexity and time constraint.

Cloud enables the distributed entity but how does decision making remain in line with overall strategy? How does the mesh of interdependent decisions and end to end linkages remain cohesive and transparent?

Organisations must think differently about how the critical skill of decision making is harnessed for competitive advantage. Paralysis by analysis of choice or applying a rule of thumb to get that decision made faster are not the answers. What if we could transform the corporate decision making behaviour to be more cool, calculating and considered?

Not even AI can help improve your corporate decision making behaviour, but Janua can. And with a little bit of help from AI integrated at the critical points in the decision making process you can be more confident that you have your bases covered. As Janua optimises your corporate decision making quotient, strategic decisions benefits such as from cloud adoption, can be better realised. Not to mention a healthy log of key decisions to learn and grow from, while providing an easily accessible log for those who need to review it.

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