Training for Success

Adopting a Decision Framework in an organization is more likely to be successful when teams are trained in its use and understand the benefits and value it delivers.

Ensuring that this cultural change is addressed is a key success factor for implementing a successful Decision Framework. Janua's Decision Making Training course helps organizations transition to a structured decision making framework.  

This 3-hour course teaches the fundamentals of Janua Decision Making Framework™, and includes hands-on training of the Janua Decision Flow software. The training enables users to implement the framework and start using Janua Decision Flow software immediately.

Training Partners

Janua partners with leading Training and Leadership Consultants around the word to deliver Janua's Decision Making Training course. Our Training Partners will work with you to determine the best method of delivery (face-to-face or virtual) and to tailor the content to align with your organizations' values.

Please contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our trusted Training Partners in your area.

Alternatively, if you have your own in-house training facilitators, we can provide you with the course content and facilitator notes.

Australia and New Zealand